terça-feira, novembro 04, 2008

So you shake through the night
Tucked under the covers tightly
There’s monsters in the shadows
And zombies under streetlights
And the sounds from the street
Like some terrible cacophony
It cuts through the walls of your bedroom
And haunts your dreams
But don’t you cry
I’d sing you a lullaby
But by and by it’s a waste of time
Take a spoonful
to settle your mind
And I wish you “Goodnight”
Block out all your demons
With white noise pills and Jesus
And when I get down
I just turn off the lights
I find friends and love with
Some online sex and reruns
And when I get down I just turn off the lights
When you’re lost and confused
But you’re too proud to face the truth
Spend up all your money on a band-aid
To cover the wound

When you suck at life
But you’re much too scared to die
Embrace the sweet indifference with your brothers
And we’ll march in time
Why so stressed?
Do you feel like the world’s a mess?

Well grab what you can from my medicine chest
And all your worst fears are suppressed
And just turn off the lights

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